Rob Wells, President, Global Digital Business, Universal Music Group

Rob Wells, President of Global Digital Business at Universal Music Group joins Ian Rogers in the studio to talk about UMG’s gobal initiatives in the digital music space. The conversation includes streaming services, the difficulties various international music markets present, what entrepreneurs should know when approaching and doing business with UMG or their like, and finally, what new services and music Rob loves right now! Lots of great discussion in this episode. Thanks as always to for being our media partner! 0:53 – Introducing Rob Wells 3:00 – How Rob ended up at UMG 10:45 – What Rob learned by having to have a digital music business in another part of the world 17:00 – How Rob found subscription service models to be worthwhile for UMG 31:15 – “50% of the market isn’t interested in music at all!” 34:25 – How does Rob go about deciding what digital tracks UMG makes available online in various forms 40:55 – What does the landscape look like for entrepreneurs approaching labels and what do the labels want to hear when an entrepreneur approaches them with a new idea? 47:06 – What are some of the more interesting and exciting services going on worldwide that Rob is excited about? 50:57 – What is the key value a company like UMG brings as opposed to an indie label or DIY? 53:20 – When shouldn’t I sign with UMG? 54:00 – What music Rob loves at the moment
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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