Android and Touch Screen on LG Optimus One

For some years, people are wishing and searching for cell phone or especially smart phone which is completed by QWERTY keypad. Some people think that it could make them easier to do anything especially typing because it is just like keyboard which they usually use when they type on their computer. That is why these QWERTY products could be very suitable for them who want to be professional in their job for example. However, the trend on technology communication could be changed easily. And the nest trend tends to be close with touch screen trend after all.

Because of many cell phone reviews, people understand that there are some advantages that they could find from Android operating system. That is why some of them will search for the touch screen smart phone which is supported with this operating system after all. People could get this combination from LG Optimus One.

Although it only has 3MP cameras, people could absolutely find the advantage of OS Android 2.2.1 Froyo. People who do not want QWERTY keypad on their smart phone anymore could get advantage from the touch screen keypad. Other features could be known further from cell phone reviews.


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New LG product

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Unusual cell phone brand

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Nokia for farmer

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